Chicago Postwar Passenger and Commuter Trains Book

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In 1948, Chicago was the gathering place of 22 railroads, seven belt and switching roads, eight industrial railroads and three electric lines. Track was everywhere as passenger trains and commuter trains crowded the approaches to the terminals near the Chicago Loop, undisputed railroad capital of the world. Chicago Postwar Passenger and Commuter Trains captures the spirit and challenges of the post-World War II era, as streamlined passenger trains arrived and departed from Chicago's six celebrated stations during the pinnacle years of intercity train service.

Vintage photographs show powerful diesel locomotives in Art Deco paint schemes leading modern coaches, sleepers, diners, observation cars and heavyweight cars of the foremost eastern trains, connecting in Chicago with the famous western trains. Full color photos highlight the California Zephyr, Denver Zephyr, Twin Cities Zephyr, Blue Bird, Capitol Limited, Empire Builder, Golden State, Hiawatha, Hoosier, Maple Leaf, North Coast Limited, Panama Limited, and Union Pacific "City" trains. The Chicago Union Station-"Cross-Roads of the Nation," with its grand concourse and multiple train gates- is covered in detail, as are the individual commuter lines, and the trains than transitioned into Amtrak's "Rainbow Era." Also featured are maps of the Chicago Railroad Passenger Terminals along with vintage commuter maps, train brochures, postcards and tickets.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review