Guide to Signals & Interlockings

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Model Railroader Books Wiring & Electronics presents Guide to Signals & Interlockings: Design and build a working system for your layout by Dave Ableles. Copyright 2021, Dave Abeles. Published by Kalmbach Media. 144 pages. 

Working signals for your layout.

Working signals on model railroads in one of those someday tasks many modelers put off due to a lack of knowledge, but this book will fill in those gaps.

Learn how full-sized railroads developed signaling systems to increase the capacity of their rail lines.

Learn how different systems work, and what's appropriate for your region and era.

Learn about the different parts that go into a working model railroad signal system, such as detection, wiring, and control, plus the different types of signals themselves.

Learn how to install those parts on your layout, and how to make it function like a full-sized system.

Veteran model railroader and professional railroader Dave Abeles takes you through all the steps he used to build the system on his HO scale Onodaga Cutoff, which you can apply to your layout.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review