Illustrated Encyclopedia of World Railway Locomotives Book

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This concise, readable reference work, long unavailable, is the most authoritative survey of railway motive power ever published. Unsurpassed in scope and coverage, it reviews a wide range of railway locomotives, from early steam-powered models to later diesel and electric varieties. Less conventional forms of motive power are also covered, among them dual-powered engines, electrically heated steam locomotives and propeller driven railcars.

Written by experts in the field of locomotive design and history, this encyclopedia covers locomotives from around the world, giving detailed illustrations and technical facts for several different types of locomotives. More than 300 illustrations, including photographs, diagrams and drawings, enhance this monumental study of the explosive growth and development of the locomotive power. 

Author P. Ransome-Wallis

B&W Photos, diagrams, drawings, maps, etc. 512 Pages 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review