Tourist Trains Guidebook 8th Edition

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Tourist Trains Guidebook, 8th Edition Scenic Rides, Dinner Trains, Trolleys, Museums & More! Copyright 2021, Kalmbach Media. 360 pages.

Ride the Rails. this one-of-a-kind guidebook is for anyone looking for fun, adventure, and interesting places to explore.

The book guides you to hundreds of fascinating train rides, museums, trolleys, dinner trains, and historic depots across the United States and Canada. You'll discover trains that travel over historic paths, journey into the wilderness, and provide scenic vistas only seen by rail. 

Written by the knowledgeable staff and contributors of Trains magazine, 196 prominent sites are described in detailed reviews that explain what a site offers, the best times to go, and what else you can do in the area.  An additional 324 attractions are described in shorter listings.

Newly revised, the book is organized by geographic regions, each featuring a handy locator map.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review