Railroad Stories #4

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Railroad Stories #4. Civil War by A. Leslie Scott. "Railroad Stories" TM & Copyright 2015 White River Productions. All Rights Reserved. Published by Bold Venture Press

Blue vs. Grey along the South Carolina Railroad, by the creator of "Jim Hatfield" and "Walt Slade"

Rails across the Confederacy

Fact-based fiction by the creator of "Jim Hatfield" and "Walt Slade"! 

Civil War

Civil War engineer Boone Hatfield rises through Confederate ranks, transporting troops and artillery via the South Carolina Railroad. Soon, he's tasked with keeping General Sherman's marauding army at bay in a running battle stretching from South Carolina to Virginia.

Tales of Jaggers Dunn and the C. & P.

General manager James G. Dunn and his scrappy pals confront problems on the C. & P. rail line with a smile. Flood, fire, thieves, and abrasive personalities - when "Jaggers" Dunn is on the job, nothing will prevent the C. & P. from maintaining a schedule!

A. Leslie Scott (1893-1974) was a prolific author of westerns and railroad tales. He learned on the job, as a brakeman, largely in the American Midwest. Scott's stories are populated with colorful characters drawn from his life on the rails, and packed with plenty of thrills and adventure.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review