Union Pacific's Big Boys: The complete story from history to restoration

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Union Pacific Big Boy's: The complete story from history to restoration. A 224-page soft-cover book produced by Trains Magazine. Copyright 2020 Kalmbach Media. Foreword by Jim Wrinn. 

From the back cover:

The Union Pacific's 25 4-8-8-4 "Big Boys" have a mystique and a fan following like no other class of steam locomotives. They represent the culmination of modern steam technology, handsome looks, and power mighty enough to pull long trains at high speed son steep grades. These traits made them legendary among railroaders, railfans photographers, and model railroaders alike.

This is more than the story of a famous engine.  It's a tribute to the pinnacle of steam locomotive design and power, and to the thrill of seeing one of these majestic machines reborn.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review